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Our Founding Story

Denge Laboratories and Medical Imaging Center has reached the age of 30. These long years of adhering to international standards and working to advance in the journey of institutionalization have never made us give up on our basic principle, which is respect for patient rights and honesty.

Our Laboratory Serves According to Two Main Principles

Trustibilty of the results; validation and verification of working procedures. With approved universal standards.

1. The variable equipment posession of the laboratory should provide the capacity to repeat the results with different methods and Technologies in order to confirm the panic result’s reliability. The update equipments should have such a technical power and that there will be no allowance for the results of the patient’s to be affected by technical interferences.
2. Performing internal and external quality control standards regularly
  • Internal Quality Control; The laboratory purchases Quality Control Vials for everyday use. The mean values of the metabolites inside this serum which will be subjected to the quality control assessment are given. The laboratory performs the tests by this serum before starting patients’ tests and  and checks if the results of the high and low controls are acceptable and in the range of the standard variations. If there is an unacceptable deviation from the given mean values, the necessary calibrations and procedures defined to reach the correct result are performed. When the results of the control serum is satisfactory, then the test of the patient’s sample is performable.
  • External Quality Control; The laboratory contacts with a center and registers as a partner in the Quality Control Assessment of that Center. Then the center sends some lyophilised samples with a sheet, listing the dates when the sample has to be tested. There are previously registered laboratories all over the world for the same survey. All these laboratories open the same dated vials together, liquify them with the defined amount of water and test the metabolites (the particular tests that the laboratory is intending to evaluate its results). The laboratory sends the results obtained,  to the  center and the center statistically gather these results coming from all the participant laboratories and brings out a mean value of thet particular test. The laboratories then are sent the statistical information of their results with the standard deviations and the mean values which had to be achieved. In this way, the laboratory has the chance to evaluate its results in view of many other laboratories’ results.This will lead to the convenience of the patient that, if he had been performed the same test on the same day and condutions at another laboratory participating in this assessment, he would have got the same result.
3. There should be an established protocol on how to react when panic values (high and low values) are obtained in a patient’s sample. This protocol may include repeating, validating, contacting with the patient and/or his doctor ,stating these informations and the facts that may affect the results of the test (fasting period, drugs, expected clinical diagnosis, previous results, last menstrual dates, etc) on the result sheet.
4. Asking the patient to give another sample in order to verify the clinical status.
5. The Professional of the branch in charge, should follow the informations and updates on his subject to improve the quality of the results.

The medical service should be certified with accreditation or organization standards and keep the principle of maximum satisfaction of the patient in view of reliability and hospitality. In order to achieve this, the laboratory should;

1. Work with a staff with the ability of emphatizing, understanding and facilitating.
2. Frequent and regular trainings by the department managers (clinical, technical and operational), confirming  the results by personal questionnaires.
3. From the patient services to all other operational staff, everyone should  be understanding the patient’s psychology and should all be friendly and calming, making sure that they had given the best service regarding the expectations of the patient.
4. The questions and demands of both the patients and their doctors should be easy to express by reaching the manager of the laboratory in all condutions. If there are problems, the precautions and solutions should be prompt. Good feedback should also be informed to motivate the staff.
5. Knowing that the staff is as important as the high quality equipment  and should be kept in high motivation and self respect  to keep their working condutions most satisfactory.