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In-Network Providers

You can view the list of our in-network providers below.

Private Insurances

Ak Sigorta Insurance

Allianz Insurance

Anadolu Insurance

Ankara Insurance

AXA Insurance

Acıbadem Insurance

Demir Hayat Insurance

Ergo Insurance

Eureko Insurance

Groupama Insurance

Güneş Insurance

Halk Insurance

Inter Partner Insurance

Mapfre Insurance

Ray Insurance

Ziraat Insurance

Sompo Japan Insurance

CGM Insurance

Fortis Insurance

Ziraat Insurance

Sompo Insurance(FİBA)

Halkbank Insurance

Zurich Insurance

HDI Insurance

Chubb Insurance

Corpus Insurance

Katılım Emeklilik Insurance

Magdeburger Insurance

Doğa Insurance

Türk Nippon Insurance

Generali Insurance

Unica Insurance

Cigna Sigorta

BNP Paribas Insurance

Oyak Insurance

Türkiye Insurance


Ziraat Bank



Garanti Bank

Central Bank




Garanti BBVA


Dünya Bank

Foundations and Funds

Ankara Bar Association

Polsan (Police Care and Support Fund)

Ratelvak (TRT Health and Social Cooperation Foundation)

Vakıflar Bank Officers and Employees Retirement and Health Support

TZHVakfı (Ziraat Bank and Halk Bank Members Retirement and Cooperation Foundation)

Divak Foreign Affairs Ministry Social Security and Cooperation Foundation

T.C. Notaries Personnel Cooperation Foundation

Turkey Atomic Energy Institution Cooperation Foundation

Akbank Members Retirement Fund Foundation

Retirement Fund Social Security and Cooperation Foundation

Atılım University

Ankara Bar Association Attorneys Cooperation Fund

Turkey Road Work Syndicate

Ankara Rotary Club

Associations and Chambers

Ankara Chamber of Commerce

Ankara Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen

Ankara Chamber of Industry

Ankara Chamber of Certified Public Accountants

TED Ankara College

METU Alumni Association

Turkish Grain Board

TED Ankara College Alumni Association

College Graduated Businessmen Association (KID)

Public and Private Institutions


Turkish Constitutional Court

Çankaya Municipality Community Card

Competition Authority

Council of State

Capital Markets Board

State Airports Administration

TEPE Group


Turkish Aviation Association

Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Supreme Court of Appeals


State Retirement Fund

Ministry of Justice

Turkish Armed Force

Başkent Natural Gas

Başkent Electricity

Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

Court of Accounts

Turkish Petroleum Corporation

Atılım University

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

İTÜ ETA Vakfı Doğa Koleji

Directorate General for Highways

Ministry of Treasury and Finance

Check-up In-Network Providers

Mapfre Insurance Cehck-up

Demir Hayat Insurance Cehck-up

Supreme Court of Appeals

Anadolu Insurance


Çankaya Municipality

Interpartner Asistans

Atılım University

Special Medical Centers

Du-Çe Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

Kudret International Hospital

Centrum Clinic

Gürgan Clinic

Bahçeci Health Group


Afghanistan Embassy
Albania Embassy
Algerian Embassy
Angola Embassy
Australian Embassy
Azerbaijan Embassy
Bangladesh Embassy
Belarusian Embassy
Belgian Embassy
Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy
Brazilian Embassy
Bulgarian Embassy
Burundian Embassy
Canadian Embassy
Chilean Embassy
Colombian Embassy
Croatian Embassy
Czech Embassy
Danish Embassy
Djibouti Embassy
Dutch Embassy
Egyptian Embassy
Estonian Embassy
Ethiopian Embassy
Finnish Embassy
Embassy of France
Georgia Embassy
German Embassy
Ghana Embassy
Greek Embassy
Guinea Embassy
Hungarian Embassy
Indonesian Embassy
Iraqi Embassy
Embassy of Italy
Japan Embassy
Jordan Embassy
Korean Embassy
Kosovo Embassy
Kuwait Embassy
Kyrgyzstan Embassy
Latvian Embassy
Lebanese Embassy
Libyan Embassy
Malaysian Embassy
Morocco Embassy
New Zealand Embassy
Nigeria Embassy
Northern Cyprus Embassy
Norwegian Embassy
Oman Embassy
Pakistani Embassy
Palestinian Embassy
Polish Embassy
Qatar Embassy
Romanian Embassy
Saudi Arabian Embassy
Serbian Embassy
Singapore Embassy
Embassy of Slovakia
Somalia Embassy
South African Embassy
South Korea Embassy
Spanish Embassy
Swedish Embassy
Swiss Embassy
Tajikistan Embassy
Turkmenistan Embassy
UAE Embassy
Uganda Embassy
United Kingdom Embassy
Embassy of the United States of America
Ukraine Embassy
Uzbekistan Embassy
Vatican Embassy
Yunanistan Embassy